Knit Touchscreen Fingerless Magic Gloves Assorted

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KEEP YOUR HANDS WARM: Keep your hands warm at all times during the winter with the Classic Debra Weitzner Magic Gloves. The gloves will keep your hands safe from the cold without being bulky so you can wear them any time of day and for every occasion.

PRACTICAL DESIGN: The winter gloves are made with Acrylic and Spandex materials. The gloves are very warm so that you can wear them all the time and rest assured that nothing will happen to them!

TOUCHSCREEN FEATURE: The slip on gloves are not only stylish and warm, they are very practical too! These gloves have a touchscreen design so you can text and use your phone when you’re outdoors in the cold.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: No need to worry about measuring your palm length and figuring out which size you need. The Debra Weitzner gloves are one size fits most and they are suitable for both men and women!

ONE DOZEN PAIRS: Get 12 pairs at an unbeleivable price! Order includes 12 pairs of Black knit magice glove

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