Kids Heart Fuzzy Socks

These colorful fuzzy socks for kids are soft and warm. They are easy to pull on and are not tight around the ankles. With an exciting selection of designs, your kids will love wearing these socks around the house and when they go to bed at night.

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NON-SLIP GRIPS PERFECT FOR PLAY: These slipper socks have a skid-resistant layer on the sole for a better grip that reduces slips and falls. Keep your active kids safe and comfy on trampolines, stairs, and any slippery surfaces.

EASY SLIP ON AND OFF: The special stitching and elastic top make these sleep socks easy to pull on and off. Kids love the cozy comfort of the sock’s cocoon. Choose from fun colors to suit your kids' pajama, outfit, or mood!

FLUFFY SOCKS: Enjoy extra warmth and comfort with these warm fuzzy socks for men! Made of ultra soft and stretchy material, these kids fuzzy socks are most comfortable and will keep your toes cozy and snugly during cold winter months.

MATERIAL SIZE AND CARE: Constructed of plush microfiber, our warm cozy socks can be machine washed. Tumble dry low for best results and the longest sock life. Different sizes and patterns available to best suit baby, toddler, boy or girl.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If our socks do not meet your expectations contact us and be sure you will be accommodated accordingly. Your satisfaction is of our utmost importance!

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