Fur Lined Sport Glove

When the temperature drops, it’s very important to keep your hands warm so you can go on with your day. The Debra Weitzner winter gloves are fur lined to keep your hands and fingers warm and cozy even at extreme temperatures.

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DON’T LET THE WEATHER STOP YOU: When your hands are freezing it’s very difficult to do anything, let alone your favorite sports! The fur lined gloves are perfect for outdoor winter sports, such as cycling, running or skiing. You can also wear these sports gloves for walking or for riding your motorcycle.

PRACTICAL DESIGN: With their amazing grip palm design, these winter gloves are a life saver this winter! 100% polyester slip on gloves are not stiff so you can easily hold anything and they are textured so that they don’t slip. The sports gloves are suitable for touch screens so you can text when you’re outdoors without freezing.

ALWAYS IN STYLE: These mens gloves and womens gloves are not only practical, they are very stylish too! With their classic design, they will look good with even when you’re not doing sports! The fur lined gloves come in 3 cool colors for you to choose from: black, red and blue.

SIZE AND STYLE:ONE SIZE FITS MOST: The Debra Weitzner gloves are one size fits most and they are suitable for both men and women! BEWARE: This Glove may run a bit snug. Order one size up. Sports gloves for men and women come in color choice of red, blue, and black.

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